What brought us here

We are the desire to create, we are a moving tide, we are our roots, We are the echo of a diverse world, We are seeds that sow change, we are sustainable fashion, we are part of the solution.
Mildred Partida


Culto Mar is the result of a group of people passionate about art, the sea and our roots. We were born in the Mexican Pacific in a small beach town full of magic to share. We seek to honor our cultural heritage through each of our garments, celebrating the freedom to be, to experience and explore diversity among all individuals.



Recycled Textiles

We are a brand with purpose, all our garments are made with recycled polyester threads from PET plastic bottles. For every 12 bottles you get one meter of these fabrics. In this way we reduce the contamination of the environment by these wastes.

Digital printing

Our designs are digitally printed, which dramatically reduces water and toxic waste, compared to other printing techniques. Saving millions of liters of water every year.

Fabric Usage

We optimize our production processes giving the greatest use to our fabrics to avoid waste. Because of this, in some of our pieces the prints may fall differently, making them unique.




"We believe that authenticity is our super power, we design unique products for unique people."


"We believe that the future is circular, we take care of our processes and seek to innovate to have the least environmental impact."


"We don't know borders, we see fashion as a platform to express ourselves without limits."


"We value diversity like multiple art forms. Each design celebrates the richness of cultures, genders and perspectives."